Terms and Conditions – Buckhorn Ridge Ranch, LLC*

  • No hidden charges or trophy fees.
  • All hunts include: transportation during the hunt and guided services.  $150.00 fee per day, for non-hunters wishing to lodge and eat at the ranch.
  • All archery hunts are semi-guided.
  • All gun hunts are guided.
  • License, tag fees, and conservation stamp are NOT included in the price of the hunt.
  • The hunter is responsible for applying and obtaining all tags and licenses.  However, upon request we will aid in filling out applications.
  • All hunters born after January 1, 1966 needs to have a certificate of completion of a hunter’s safety course.  The State of Wyoming also has a Hunter Mentor Program that can be applied for.  http://gf.state.wy.us/services/education/HunterEducationHome/index.asp
  • A $500.00  REFUNDABLE deposit is due upon booking your hunt. (If you do not draw tags, that deposit will be refunded to you.)
  • The balance due for hunts must be paid 15 days PRIOR to the start of your hunt.
  • Cash, money orders, travelers checks, certified checks are the only accepted forms of payment.  NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • No Credit Cards are accepted.
  • All hunts DO NOT include: transportation to the ranch from the airport, meat processing, taxidermy fees, or gratuity.
  • We hunt with 4-WD vehicles, UTV’s and on foot.  If a hunter has special needs in getting around we will try to accommodate them if possible. We are not equipped at this time for all situations.
  • We can help you in arranging for meat and trophy processing. If you do not take your meat with you there will be a $200.00 processing fee.  The meat then will be given to a family in need.
  • Refrigeration  is available for meat and food storage at no extra charge.
  • Airport services can be arranged if needed.**

Refunds will NOT be given, regardless of the circumstances, after the earliest date of the hunting season begins. 

A refund of deposits will be given in the following instances:  Death of the hunter, his or her spouse or someone in their immediate family (parent, sibling, child) supported by a copy of the respective death certificate.  Any incapacitating illness or injury of the hunter, supported by a physician’s statement.  A military transfer overseas, or call to duty supported by a copy of official orders.

*Terms and Conditions of the Buckhorn Ridge Ranch are subject to change without notice.

**Airport service can be arranged for a fee of $250.00.  This price includes both the arrival and departure flights and any hunter on the same flight.


2 Responses to Terms and Conditions – Buckhorn Ridge Ranch, LLC*

  1. Gary Peevely says:

    Are meals & lodging included in these prices?

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